About ACLU Northern California

Making a Difference

ACLU Chapters are groups of volunteers that work together to advance civil liberties in their communities. The Sonoma County Chapter is a volunteer program that operates under the by-laws of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

The purpose of the chapter is to create a diverse, multi-racial, intergenerational, functional, well trained group of ACLU volunteers and leaders who come together in the community and partner with the affiliate board and staff (ACLUNC) to carry out effective advocacy and outreach that advances civil rights and civil liberties.

5,200 Members

We welcome participation from all the 5,200 ACLU members in Sonoma County and invite those that have the time to become chapter board members or to work actively with us. We invite any interested ACLU member to attend the monthly meetings; our intent is to represent “Sonoma County interests”.​

The Chapter has three main functions:

  • Local monitoring and advocacy
  • Community education and visibility
  • Participation in state and federal campaigns

At this time, several volunteer Board members have been voted in:

  • Jim Duffy, Rohnert Park
  • Omar Figueroa, Sebastopol
  • Karen Fraire, Healdsburg


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