Criminal convictions haunt people long beyond the time they spend in jail or on probation.  Convictions can prevent people from getting housing, a job, or an occupational license.  California law, however, allows a person with a criminal conviction to have the conviction “expunged” (technically, set aside and dismissed) if they have completed their sentence.  Expungement does not wipe the slate completely clean but it gives people the chance to make a new start.  The Sonoma Chapter is collaborating with the local NAACP chapter and the Sonoma County Public Defender to publicize the benefits to getting one’s criminal conviction expunged and how to get help from the Public Defender to do so.   We have flyers for distribution in English and Spanish.  If you would like flyers to distribute, please contact Nancy Pemberton at [email protected].  For more information about the expungement process, please contact the Sonoma County Public Defender at [email protected]



Sonoma County Expungement Process

Proceso para la eliminacion de antecedentes penales


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